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It can be tough being successful in professions where there is a lot of uncertainty. Forex trading is one such profession, but yet there are various forex traders like Hafizzat Rusli who have created a dream life for themselves by just doing forex trade. 

Though many people had to even quit trading because of the huge losses, and the reason for this was the uncertainty of the market. The market was unpredictable and will be the same in the future. Many traders have at some time experienced that they are gaining profits and suddenly in the very next trade, they would even lose their entire trading account. 

A trader can be affected psychologically by this and can tend to lose confidence. Losing confidence means that a trader should gain it back, or start thinking for retirement from this profession. If you do not want to switch to another career option and carry on with forex trading (with confidence), read the following tips carefully. 

1. Concentrate More On The Deed Than The Fruit
If you are getting into the profession of forex trading, it is sure that you are doing it to earn a decent amount of money. But the key to keep earning that money is to concentrate more on your play instead of the returns. If you can concentrate more on your process, you will be more close to having success. Like said before, forex trading is highly uncertain and thus a trader has to focus on what he or she is doing while engaged in a trade, instead of dreaming about what returns they will be earning.

Before you start with your live trade, you will have to come up with the plan. While creating the plan just concentrate on this, and when you are meant to start trading, follow your trading plan till the end. When you start trading in a disciplined way like this, you will slowly see your growth, and that will boost your confidence to a great level. 

2. Practice Is The Magnet For Confidence
If confidence was supposed to be metal then practice is the magnet. The more you practice more confidence you gain. This principle implies in extreme sports and the same way in forex trading

A trader who wants to be successful and perform well in forex trading should be prepared for every situation that the market can put in front of you. This can only be achieved when you have practiced enough to take care of all the possible situations. Many traders use the demo accounts to practice. In the demo account, the trading happens the same way as it would happen in live trading. The only difference is that you do not lose your money in the trading account. So you can learn here how to find a solution for any challenge. But you will get strong and confident only when you practice regularly. 

3. Negativity Repels Your Confidence
As the practice is the magnet for confidence, negativity repels it. You also must have observed in your routine life that all confident people are extremely positive too. In forex trading, various factors can make you feel negative, but your job is to keep calm. Even if you are doing a good job, stay calm and do not get overconfident. Overconfidence harms you, but negativity is so fatal that you can even lose your entire career because of it.

If you feel that you can get low because of a loss, then you either have the option of quitting the career of forex trading or develop a positive attitude.

It is not impossible to develop all these things in your trading persona, but when you are doing it by yourself, it can take a lot of your precious time. If you join a forex trading course, you can see improvements fast. To join and know more about the reputed trading course designed by Hafizzat Rusli click this link


Published by HafizzatRusli

Hafizzat Rusli, founder and owner of Hafizzat Rusli Bhd is a successful trader and businessman. Underneath the charming demeanour and mischievous smile, lies the dynamic mind of a trading maestro who made his first million at the age of 19. As the son of a construction business man, Hafizzat grew up in the carefree lifestyle of Penang town. As a child, Hafizzat wanted to be “everything from an astronaut to a race car driver … anything exciting and adventurous, but never a trader”. His foray into the stock market at age 17 was accidental. After being less than impressed with the corporate world and the lack of returns of traditional investment options, Hafizzat stumbled into the profitable, yet volatile business of commodity trading and has not looked back. By the age of 26, he has garnered a significant amount of experience in the trading industry – almost a decade of it.

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