Learning The Forex Trade Arbitrage Strategy

In Forex trading, there are various ways to earn a profit. The most common method used by most of the traders is to anticipate the currency fluctuations. Another popular method used by the traders is to carry trades and then accumulate rollover profits. To execute this method traders buy higher-yielding currency and sell a lower-yielding currency simultaneously. The interest rate differential is the profit.

There is another strategy which can be used by the aspiring Forex traders who do not want to risk a lot of investment and yet earn a good profit. Forex arbitrage is this strategy, and if you want yo know more about this, this article is the source of the right information. 

Introduction To The Use Of Arbitrage In Forex

In the financial markets, arbitrage is a quite popular practice. The traders try to take benefit from the differences in the price of the same asset, in different markets. The traders practicing arbitrage would buy an asset or more and sell them in different markets. This is done if there is a difference of value in the asset and the profit is based on the price difference.

To simplify this read this example. A man bought a car in his country for $20000 and sold it another market where the value is $30000. This man makes a profit of $10000. Since we have taken this example to make you understand the arbitrage of the forex, we did not calculate the price of transportation, fuel, import duties, etc.

 A similar thing happens in various financial markets including the forex market. In the forex market, the traders buy currencies in one market and sell it at a higher price in another market. 

Shortcoming Of Using The Arbitrage Strategies

1. Is Not Foolproof To Risks

The arbitrage has a few risks too and if you are thinking of using this strategy, then you should also the risks involved in it.

About arbitrage, it is said that the risk is not very high, and it has also been termed as a risk-less way to earn profits. This is partially true because sometimes you can also suffer a big loss.

2. The Profits Are Not Sufficient

The profits that you earn with the arbitrage forex are not going to be sufficient to make your graph of growth go high. For the reason that forex market is highly liquid, the opportunities for arbitrage are very less, and when they happen, the return from it is also not so great. To utilize this strategy well, a trader will have to hold large position sizes.

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Hafizzat Rusli, founder and owner of Hafizzat Rusli Bhd is a successful trader and businessman. Underneath the charming demeanour and mischievous smile, lies the dynamic mind of a trading maestro who made his first million at the age of 19. As the son of a construction business man, Hafizzat grew up in the carefree lifestyle of Penang town. As a child, Hafizzat wanted to be “everything from an astronaut to a race car driver … anything exciting and adventurous, but never a trader”. His foray into the stock market at age 17 was accidental. After being less than impressed with the corporate world and the lack of returns of traditional investment options, Hafizzat stumbled into the profitable, yet volatile business of commodity trading and has not looked back. By the age of 26, he has garnered a significant amount of experience in the trading industry – almost a decade of it.

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