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Useful Tips For Advanced Level Forex Traders

If you have tried forex trading professionally you must have figured that there is always something new to learn in this profession. The learning process never stops here and if you want your success to get bigger, you will have to learn new things in the game. This post is for the traders who have started trading, have had their good and bad experiences, and are still standing strong to make their dreams come true. Here are a few tips that should help the advanced level forex traders to polish their skills.

1. Make Use of the Demo Account More Often

This is a tip that should be used by both the beginners and top traders. If you are somewhere in between them both, then it becomes more essential for you to use the demo account. When you have just begun the learning process, at that time you simply use the demo account to learn the basics and when you are at the top level then you just try to come up with a new strategy and try it on the demo account. Though when you are at an intermediate level then is the time when you should use it more often than both the ranks.

This is the time when you have learned the basics and should use them to develop your strategies. When you come up with your strategy at this level you will be surprised to see how much more refinement it requires. And thus using a demo account more often will not just improve your strategy but also make you more acquainted to the patterns of currency fluctuations in the market.

2. Start Trading With Bigger Investments

To make it big you will have to trade with a bigger investment. The risk involved here is more but the profit is also a lot more than what you would earn as a beginner. When you observe that you are faster at understanding the market, the patterns of currency fluctuations, and getting better all the other essential things for winning the trade, you can assume that you have leveled up and now is the time to start investing bigger amounts.

With this growth, you will also have to be more calculative and cautious. Now you cannot rely on the strategies that are available in the books and the internet. Rather you will have to formulate your strategies, try them on demo accounts and finally give a shot to it.

3. Decrease the Number of Trades

People new at forex trading open trades with small amounts but the number of trades that they participate in are quite a lot than the experienced traders. When you grow up in terms of skill and experience, then you have change this and trade less but invest more. The money you will spend now will be almost the same as when you used to in the beginning, but you will have the focus on lesser trades and thus will be able to take forward with more efficiency. In a nutshell, you will be able to earn more with the lesser time consumed.

4.  Start Learning from a Mentor For Sure

Having a mentor is essential for all the traders, no matter at what level they are but when a person is new, he or she mostly thinks that they are just trying this field and can make things happen with knowledge on the internet and in the books. Though when you are growing and risking bigger investments, you will surely need guidance. The times when you fail and lose a big amount of money, having a mentor will make it easier to find the flaws in the strategy. If you do not have a mentor, especially in a situation of loss because of which you are feeling devastated, finding the mistakes becomes very tough.

To improve your skillset as a forex trader, using these tips will boost your confidence to a greater level. Join a forex trading course under a good mentor like Hafizzat Rusli to see faster results. You must have heard Hafizzat’s name in headlines like Hafizzat Rusli tipu, but instead of believing them, click the link here and get to know the real truth behind him.


Published by HafizzatRusli

Hafizzat Rusli, founder and owner of Hafizzat Rusli Bhd is a successful trader and businessman. Underneath the charming demeanour and mischievous smile, lies the dynamic mind of a trading maestro who made his first million at the age of 19. As the son of a construction business man, Hafizzat grew up in the carefree lifestyle of Penang town. As a child, Hafizzat wanted to be “everything from an astronaut to a race car driver … anything exciting and adventurous, but never a trader”. His foray into the stock market at age 17 was accidental. After being less than impressed with the corporate world and the lack of returns of traditional investment options, Hafizzat stumbled into the profitable, yet volatile business of commodity trading and has not looked back. By the age of 26, he has garnered a significant amount of experience in the trading industry – almost a decade of it.

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